Viktor grew up in Switzerland and spend most of his free time Skateboarding and Snowboarding. He studied industrial mechanics and worked for a big technology company.

On a trip to Morocco he discovered surfing and realised he will need more time in his life to be close to the ocean and explore. So he quit his job, became a surf teacher and spent the next few years traveling and surfing.

Viktor developed interest in diverse cultural concepts of health and general wellbeing. He turned his interests into profession. Immersed into the yoga philosophy, became a yoga teacher and over the years also received many trainings for various massage techniques around the world.

He keeps on following his passion and centres his life on surfing, yoga, and massages. He moved to Ericeira in 2012, being close to the waves while teaching yoga and running a massage service and school.



Viktor Guérig
Massage Therapist & Yoga Instructor