Shiatsu is a form of therapeutic bodywork and healing touch. It stimulates the body’s vital energy (known as Qi or Ki)


Shiatsu massage has many benefits to the body and mind:

Improves circulation | Reduces stress and tension as well as anxiety and depression | Relief from headaches | Promotes healing from sprains and similar injuries | Helps bring relief to arthritis sufferers | Reduces problems with stiff neck and shoulders as well as backaches (including sciatica)m | Coughs, colds, and other sinus and respiratory problems | Helps those dealing with insomnia |  Aids in treatment of such various things as digestive disorders, bowel trouble, morning sickness, and menstrual problems,          and many more

  • Holistic Bodywork
  • Acupressure Treatment
  • Meridian Energy - Flow


60 min / 40€

90 min / 60€

(During the massage you will remain dressed. Please bring comfortable clothes)

Enjoy a personalised massage according to your wishes

  • All massage services are mobile
  • Timing is flexible
  • You can choose a familiar and pleasant place
  • You can stay at home for the massage
  • If you have no space, we pick you up (+5€)