Thai Massage

Thai-Yoga Massage is a combination of acupressure, stretching, passive yoga, energy-work and meditation.

The origins of Thai massage come from Indian and Buddhist traditions, including ayurveda and yoga science of the mind and body connection.

The therapist works through static and dynamic movements with a focus on working energy lines from the feet to the head.

This technique aims to strengthen your health and to prevent tension. It improves your physical and mental well being as well as the emotional and energetic balance.

(During the massage you will remain dressed. Please bring comfortable clothes)



  • Whole Body

  • Thai - Yoga Massage Technique

  • Acupressure Technique

  • Energy-Work

  • Triggerpoint

Duration & price

60 minutes I 50 € (mobile massage at your place)

90 minutes | 70€ (mobile massage at your place)


Enjoy a personalised massage
according to your wishes

All massage services are mobile. Timing is flexible.

You can choose a familiar and pleasant place or you can stay
at home for the massage.